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Jasmine Cox PhelpsCo-Author, The Cards Of Life

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Cards Of Life - Volume 1

Sometimes life deals us an unexpected hand of cards. When things don't go as planned, we have to decide how we will react. Will we allow our circumstances to overwhelm us or will we learn to find our winning hand and journey from victim to victor?

The Cards of Life is a new anthology where 16 young co-authors share their personal narratives of how they have overcome difficult circumstances in their lives. At sixteen years old, Jasmine is one of the youngest co-authors in the book. She tells of her struggles with  physical and mental health challenges and how it affects her daily life.

The Cards of Life also provides tools and resources to help anyone dealing with their own struggles to find their winning hand.

The book release will be held June 4, 2021 as part of the Tulsa Massacre Centennial Celebrations.  Order your copy today!

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